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Top tips to plan your wedding day

Congratulations on your engagement! Yes, it has happened and you are not dreaming. These next few months are going to be the most important and memorable months leading up to your big day. Enjoy the process, make sure you spend days leading to your big day with your family and loved ones. Let no worry trouble you or the tasks to plan a wedding daunt you. We have got you covered. Read on for the best tips to plan the best day in your life.

Get your Ring insured

You just got engaged and are super excited about being engaged to the love of your life. You cannot stop looking at that ring and you cannot believe that it has happened. While you take pictures and post it on your insta story and show your new bling to your friend and family over zoom calls and text. In this excitement do not forget one of the most important tasks – insuring the engagement ring. Study shows around 11% of brides lose their engagement rings and trust me you don’t want to be caught up in that statistic. You can get a $6000 ring insured for as low as $4 per week by adding it to your home and content insurance. So, protect that ring forever by insuring it and gifting yourself peace of mind. You can insure with:

Lets talk Budget

As you have taken care of insuring your engagement ring, now let’s talk about the next most important financial decision – setting the wedding budget. Even before you get carried away booking your wedding gown or any vendors, crunch some numbers, and set a budget for your wedding. This will need you to sit down with your better half and maybe even with your parents to crunch these numbers. When you do plan to undertake this conversation make sure you and your partner are sitting down with a clear mind with no stress. Preferably on Saturday morning and make sure you have something planned for later Saturday to celebrate setting a wedding budget successfully. Setting the wedding budget is not the most fun part of wedding planning, but is the most important step in wedding planning. It will help you determine the venue, guest list, vendors, etc. Things you want to decide during the discussion, who is paying for the wedding. Are your parents helping pay for the wedding or are you splitting the payment between you two? Set a firm number and stick to it. You want to enjoy your wedding day without the stress and worry of going over budget.

Creating an aesthetic or theme for your wedding.

This is an important step before you start choosing your vendors. The vendors you choose are going to be defined by the type or theme of the wedding you aim for. What if you are not sure what theme you want your wedding day to be? Well if that’s where you are then let’s start with looking for inspiration and styles that you gravitate to. Pinterest can be a great resource for inspiration where you can even create your mood boards. Other places you can gather inspiration from are Wedding blogs, magazines, publications, etc. See what style or theme of wedding you are gravitated to. Once you know the style of wedding you want now you can start looking for vendors that fit that theme.

Contact your Photographer

So getting your photographer should be the next on the list. If you already know the photographer you want that fits in the theme of your wedding then get them on a call or meet them right away. Not only you can get a quote but you can also get a lot of referrals to vendors like florists, decorators, videographers, venues, etc. that fit your theme. If you do not know who to get as your photographer, check out this blog on how to choose the right photographer for you. Sometimes you can get stuck on a photographer you want. So when you talk to them feel free to discuss your wedding date, you can always change your wedding date based on the photographer’s availability. Once you have narrowed it down to a few photographers, make sure you share the vision for your wedding and ask a lot of questions.

Contact me:


If you are planning to get married in your home town then check what the licensing requirements are. If planning a destination wedding then make sure you understand what the rules and requirements of the licensing of that particular state or country are. Once you have decided on the geographical location of your wedding the next step is searching for Venues.

When deciding on a venue there are multiple factors to consider but the first one of them is which venues fit the theme of your wedding. Once you have chosen a handful, visit the venues and check the capacity of the venues depending on the number of guests you are planning to invite. Meet with the venue manager to understand the services they offer for the day and what is included versus costing extra. Some venues provide everything, while some are more flexible, which also means more decision-making for yourself and your planner.

Guest List

Time to get the family back on the couch or around a table with clear minds and positive attitudes. Don’t set your first list as your final one, consider making a backup list and even a maybe list. Rule of thumb – 1/3rd couples friends, 1/3rd Brides family, 1/3rd groom’s family, which you can keep changing until everyone Is happy. The other thing to keep in mind is the per head limit for your venue. Also note, more the number of guests, that expensive your wedding day will be, keep your budget in mind.

Pick a Date

Now that you have finalized the theme, your photographer and venue time to pick a date depending on when the venue and photographer are available. Picking a date is one of the most important tasks as they help you start resourcing all the vendors. Choosing a date with a venue and photographer will help you narrow down all the other decisions you can make and also build a wedding date timeline, which if you need help with you can download right here

You can now send save the date cards to your guest list, schedule your dress shopping, etc.

Have Fun

Remember, you are on a journey towards the best day of your life. So cherish every moment of it. Make sure you enjoy the process and don’t let stress get to you. Also device a reward mechanism for every task you tick off the list so the whole process becomes fun, rewarding, and stress-free.

Top tips to plan Your wedding day

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