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who would I be on your wedding day?

15 years ago if you told me that I would become a wedding photographer, I probably would have fallen off the chair I was sitting on due to laughing my bottom off. Never in my wildest dream I imagined that I would get the opportunity to capture love stories when I grow up.

Its been 11 years since I stumbled onto my brothers camera & discovered my love for taking photos, that is where this love affair with photography commenced. Started with capturing photos of my niece & nephew, then friends and in no time I was getting asked to shoot weddings. It all happened so organically that I knew this was my calling.

The happiness in my life is because of my beautiful wife, my fur baby, my family and friends and a lot of cameras. 

I'm Nik

about me

Not Just another Melbourne wedding Photographer

I want you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest, so a small but important part of my job would be to remind you to stress less and have fun!!! 

The party Starter

Not just there to capture those emotions but to help you express them freely while keeping it real a 100% 

Your emotional support


I will always be there to make sure your gown trail is always perfect and those bow ties stay straight to get those impeccable shots

Your professional Zhuzh'er


Planning a wedding is daunting. Not only I look forward to be your wedding photographer but, also help you with planning your wedding day.

Your wedding planning guide


Not there to just take pretty pictures but, I will be there to shower you with lots of encouragement and make you feel at ease on your wedding day.

A source of Encouragement



Your wedding day is a day to celebrate your beautiful union and I going to be there besides you celebrating you and hyping you both up, nonstop!!

Your Hype machine


Your Wedding

about you

Does this sound like you? Inquire with me.

My Couples are seekers of authenticity, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

My couples are ready to go the extra mile to get the results they have been aiming for. They love a good laugh and know how to party. Are not bothered about posing but want to enjoy and cherish their wedding day. My couples are all about those genuine emotions and are the embodiment of happiness


Join me along on my journey through life where I share my daily life, photography tips, travels and the things that inspire me daily.

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