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Are you planning a pre-wedding or an engagement photoshoot anywhere in Victoria and want some really amazing locations to capture your love, then keep reading on. I have put together a list of places around Victoria from all the experience I have gained shooting more than 200 weddings and pre-wedding shoots. Hope this list helps you.

Melbourne City

  • There are many unique locations in and around Melbourne City for your photos.
  • If your wedding is at any of the fantastic venues within the city or Docklands, head down to the beautiful Parliament House or Flinders Bridge for some stunning photos.
  • If you love luxury brands then the Chanel, and Louis Vuitton stores offer a spectacular backdrop.
  •  Though the city can be a concrete jungle, Melbourne does offer some beautiful gardens like the Fitzroy Gardens, or the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, if you want to add a splash of greenery to your photo

Flinders – Crain Beach

38°28’55.1″S 144°58’06.4″E

  • Ok so you have seen those photos with a couple by a cliff with a vast ocean as your backdrop and you want to recreate those photos, then look no further than Crain Beach, located just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne City via the M1 (allow extra time because you know how the M1 can be)
  • The best time to visit is sunrise or sunset to get that golden glow in your photos, there is a small parking bay just by the side of the road, so it is very easy to miss the spot so be very attentive when you are close to the destination.
  • After a slight downhill hike you will reach the best location ever, open fields of grass and the spectacular cliff face with unique textures will bring so much character to your photos and be complimented with the best sunsets or sunrises too.
  • Due to the popularity of the location you will find that there could be other couples too so make sure you get there nice and early and ascertain your territory, hahaha!!!
  • If you are planning a wedding around the area then there are some amazing venues around, make sure you check out Barn & Co.

Daylesford Lake

37°20’53.8″S 144°08’14.9″E

  • A pleasant 90-minute drive from Melbourne you will be greeted by the most beautiful town in Melbourne, Daylesford.
  • The lake offers so many spectacular locations for unique looks, from piers over the lake to a dense forest. The best time to visit is any time of the year, to be honest, but it will be super crowded on a nice warm day. So I personally keep this an early winter shoot location when the trees still have the fall colors and the sunsets bring unique shades in the sky and walking around the lake doesn’t become a workout for you.
  • Within Daylesford itself there are some unique locations like the lavender farms at Sault Restaurant Daylesford, make sure you book in with the owner of the restaurant if you wish to have a shoot.
Engagement Session Daylesford Lake

RJ Hamer Arboretum   

37.8601° S, 145.3815° E

  • This place is absolutely magical those open fields with a row of tall deciduous trees that change color to blood red in Autumn
  • So you have these trees that are just majestic, get within them and throw a picnic or stroll around these trees and you will be able to capture some amazing photos.
  • This location is very close to Olinda Tea House, Nathania Springs, and Potter Reception if you plan to have your wedding there
Engagement Session – RJ Hamer

Studley Park Boathouse

37.8013° S, 145.0077° E

  • This place is magical. If you live around the city or have your wedding around the city and want some photos that look like you are somewhere in nature rather than amidst a concrete jungle, this is your spot.
  • This place has so much to offer, a beautiful red suspension bridge, and you can jump in a boat and row it around the ducks that inhabit the lake.
  • If you are planning an engagement or a lifestyle shoot there choose a weekday where the weather may be a little undesirable, so you do not have to worry about large crowds.  
Engagement Session – Studley Park Boathouse

Cement Creek Redwood Forest

37°43’11.5″S 145°45’08.4″E

  • Now this place is special. Large red wood trees planted to create this beautiful lattice of paths.
  • Perfect to hold your small wedding ceremony/elopements.
  • Make sure that you keep an eye on closure due to tree work and storms and also while deciding this place for a shoot be mindful that the available light decreases as you get deeper within the forest, so time it in such a way that you have enough day light for your shoot.
  • Throw a rug, pop some bubbly and invite me to get those cute photos of you two enjoying and living life.
Pre-Wedding Session – Red Wood Forest

Absolutely anywhere

  • Yeah, that’s right. It’s never about the location it’s always about you both and the love you have for each other.
  • To get those amazing natural photos I make you feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera, you feel like you are with a friend and are able to express your love to each other.
  • So if you are worried about what location you want to shoot then don’t stress go by what suits your lifestyle and is convenient for you.

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